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Spintech Spinsonic Rubber Review




Spintech Spinsonic Review

Equipment – Spintech 9th Wonder KC blade, Spintech SpinSonic (max thickness) freshly glued with Spintech Enduro glue with Spintech Booster (long lasting spin/speed “E” glue). The SpinSonic sheet was primed with three coats of Spintech’s Enduro Primo glue.

Like most of Spintech’s rubbers there is no big doming effect when priming it or when I was getting ready to try it for the first time. This doesn’t seem to affect SpinSonic's speed, spin and play. That is not to say that the characteristics would not change if unglued…I’m sure they would as with any other rubber. However, I just cannot imagine why anyone would not speed glue given the fabulous qualities, such as stall resistance due to its specially selected medium soft sponge, a lower throw angle and unbelievable control at low speeds that SpinSonic displays.

Looping: - My first few loops were great. It was like WOW!!! The spin that came off the blade was incredible. I’m only a 1700 player and I was looping the ball past 2000 level players with ease. They would look at me as if something was wrong with their racket. I told them that I was trying a new sheet of rubber, but I didn’t tell them anything about the rubber. We would drill again and again I would loop the ball past them. The second time this happened, they wanted to see the sheet of rubber that I was using. Once they saw, they adjusted the blocking angle to be able to continue the drill.

Usually I wait for the ball to get up and then I smash it, but here looping was effortless and loop kills were also very effective. My mindset was loop everything and that worked for me. I could back up and counter loop with abandon, a shot not normally part of my repertoire.

Next, I tried sidespin loops. They again were missing the first few sidespin loops. Now they had to adjust again to the spin. The SpinSonic seemed to have several gears. It had a low gear for over the table play. A middle gear for mid-distance play and a high gear for way off the table play. It didn’t seem to matter which gear I was using, the spin was amazing.

Serving: - SpinSonic is a blast to serve with. My serves were exceptionally spinny and gave my opponents fits, especially my side/chop serves. I watched with amazement as return after return would pop up or go way off the table. I saw some priceless expressions at first but then they saw what I was doing and adjusted.

Pushing: - SpinSonic pushes can be very precise and low. It reacted well to incoming spin and has very good touch, which led to very controlled pushes. When using this rubber you probably will not find yourself pushing much. You will be looking to initiate the spin attack followed by a strong loop.

Blocking: - A very spinny rubber with a medium-low throw angle seems to be a good combination for blocking. I won a few points with my blocks which is not how I like to finish a point. The control and the touch that this rubber offers almost turns blocks into an offensive weapon.

Overall impressions: - If you are looking for a extremely spinny and tacky rubber with many gears, you owe it to yourself to give Spintech's latest rubber "SpinSonic" a try.