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Spintech Spin Power SV  Rubber Review




Spintech's Spin Power SV Review

Today was drill day at Don Iguana Labs and one of the pieces of equipment that was quite popular was a fast hard blade mounted with Sriver FX 2.1 on one side and Spintech Spin Power SV Max on the other. Maybe Kong was on to something when he suggested that his tweak for 40 mm play might be faster blades and softer sponge!

The soft/hard combo thing is an issue Lefty and I have chatted about quite a bit, through all the Iguana testing etc. That's the Max SV I sent him, courtesy of Spintech. It will be interesting to compare it with the 2.1 SV which glues up so ferociously, and also against other soft sponge rubbers... The SpinPower rubber in Regular and SV version is a very solid product line for Spintech. It's good to see a U.S. company produce some quality rubber and blades. More and more people are switching to this rubber. I came to it myself from having used Sriver FX, then Mark V GPS. I had also tried some Mark V AD I got in Hong Kong, which seems to be somewhere in between regular Mark V and GPS. To me the Spintech SpinPower Regular is medium soft, something like the Mark V AD, but with a slightly different feel. Like Mark V or Mendo it is relatively light weight. It may even have the exactly same sponge as AD or GPS. I'm not sure what the SpinPower top sheet is similar to, but it is very good. The SV is extra soft. More than either FX or GPS. It's feels somewhere between them and Samba, so both SpinPower rubbers definitely fill gaps in the continuum. With it I can loop very spinny on forehand or backhand so people ask "what the heck is that spinny rubber?". I can also backhand block kill off a loop so the ball is very flat and people ask "are those pips on your backhand"?

SpinPower rubber is made in Japan to Spintech's specs and sent to Spintech in small fresh batches. I don't think it sits on the shelf in Japan for a couple of years like some rubbers. Sean Lonergan told me this may be a key factor. Fresher rubber, like what the pros get directly from the factory, is always much better than what most of us are used to. Several guys at the MD club have switched to the SpinPower SV, and a couple of Cheng's kid students are using the Regular SpinPower. My friend Mike Master had recently gone over 2000 and is now about 2060. Mike is using SV heavily glued on a plain old Primorac blade. In the League Friday he was getting the feel of the rubber and lost a couple of matches against 2000-2150 players (all three of the Duan family), but then he beat Katherine Wu (who had been beating him a lot lately) and Michael Shao (both Wu and Shao will be over 2000 after Teams) and... he also beat 2400+ Han Xiao!!! I guess he likes the new rubber! He thought 2.1 SV was a little slower than the FX he had been using, but that could change after another gluing. He also said this SV was the "easiest to spin with" rubber he had ever used. His loops were certainly arcing, dipping and kicking very aggressively.