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Spintech Jade Rubber


Spintech Jade Revenge Rubber

Now It's My Turn!

New Breed of High Tension Professional Super Spin Grippy Fast Rubber with Lightweight sponge offering the speed glue effect without Speed Glue

Spintech’s Jade Revenge, the newest jewel in our high tech line of table tennis rubbers is a super-spin rubber designed to generate fast offensive speed to drive through the 40 mm ball. The top sheet of Jade Revenge has the highest frictional co-efficient of any rubber in our line. The result is a super-spin rubber that offers a low throw ball angle and is ideal for the all-out offensive topspin game. Finally a super-spin yet fast lightweight rubber with a true speed glue sound and feel without Speed Glue.

This rubber is ideally suited for an offensive topspin player who commands crisp power and spin without sacrificing ball control.

Prime / Glue it once and forget it!!!

Speed : 115 Spin : 125 Control: 95

Available with 1.8, 2.1 and Max sponge thickness.

Get ready to experience the best of the best.

Regular Price $42.95

Size: Color: