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Spintech Dynasty Gold Rubber




A New Breed of High Tension Professional Rubber & Sponge

Spintech Dynasty Platinum redefines the Speed, Spin and Ball Control characteristics of a modern rubber. Both the top sheet as well as the revolutionary cutting edge technology medium soft sponge make this the best rubber for the players who can strike the 40 mm ball with power and precision. Dynasty is designed to deliver the power you need for effective counter driving, stinging fast and precision loops and crushing kill smashes and the sound that you have come to expect from the Spintech Blackjack and Dynasty series. This rubber is high speed, high spin, medium low throw angle. It actually has a high dwell time, but the ball doesn't lift as much due to the specially selected sponge. The best of the best keeps getting better.
Speed : 120 Spin : 120 Control: 90
Available with 1.8, 2.1 and Max sponge thickness
ATTENTION! The "high tension" sponge used in Spintech's Platinum series is a revolutionary special extra catapult-effect speed sponge. Both Spintech Enduro and Enduro Primo glues are especially formulated to energize this sponge, so that the tremendous spin and power of Dynasty Platinum are maximized. Although other ITTF-approved glues may not damage the sponge, their use will not provide the high levels of spin and power facilitated by Spintech glues. In fact some of the thicker viscosity glues will change the play characterisitics of this unique sponge. Therefore, it is highly recommended that Spintech brand glues be used with this particular rubber sheet, especially if (speed gluing) regularly.

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