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Spintech Dynasty Rubber  Review




Spintech Dynasty Review

Unleash Your Power

Dynasty is the more unique of this familiar brothers and is the first rubber from Spintech that rivals the total speed spin envelope of Bryce.

Dynasty has top sheet architecture much like the new Stiga line (Magna/Sigma) and is mounted on very unique sponge. To the touch, the sponge is fairly hard, maybe 46-48 degrees. But it takes to glue like a duck to water and domes faster and higher than the super soft Ace sponge used in the same test!!!!

The result is the softest super rubber we've tested. In previous Don Iguana tests we determined that Bryce plays softer than Mendo MP at about the same speed. Well, Dynasty is as fast as either of these but gives you buckets of time with the ball before it rockets away. Sounds like it shouldn't work...low to medium throw angle...long dwell rebound....but it does. It REALLY does.

Hard sponge Dynasty stands up in the Bryce and MP speed zone and exhibits hitting friendly speed and crisp plays off the bounce. Dynasty 2.0 , especially, played well, as fast as the Max, but cleaner and more directionally accurate. In fact, a strong 2300 type probably could play with the Max or the 2.0 with equal results, not much difference on most shots. The max is nice when it comes time to bury an hanger, but for most shots, no diff. Great for powering through spin.

The most insightful test with Dynasty came not from playing with it, but playing against it. As several testers alternated between Dynasty and Ace, mounted on the same blades, back-to-back, Dynasty drives and counter spins flew low and fast and had that Timo Boll "I will bounce higher than my incoming apogee" kind of power when it lands. The big news is that Dynasty accomplishes all this without the stiffness that sometimes make MP and Bryce fell out of control.

Like good cooking, its all about the recipe. And it is our opinion that Spintech is hooked into a very good kitchen and their sponge recipe is exceptional. The grip on both Ace and Dynasty is very familiar, much like Yasaka and Nittaku rubbers, but the sponges are very unique and these two new products are of a very high quality. Ace for those who spin to win. Dynasty for the those who counter spin and drive with power.

Congrats to Michael Lalvani for developing high quality choices from the world's rubber pipeline. Blackjack Ace and Dynasty are top quality rubbers and they are clearly different enough from the mainstream offerings of the big guys to earn a following of their own.