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Spintech Dynasty Gold Rubber Review




Spintech Dynasty Gold Review

Unleash Your Power Softly

Spintech’s latest breakthrough, Dynasty Gold, is a combination of the latest technologies all in one. The high tension topsheet combined with air sponge definitely makes it a breed of its own. Dynasty Gold is a combination of Dynasty’s topsheet with a specially selected air pocket sponge which allows for unparalleled spin and cork. As you read further along, this will give you an idea of what Dynasty Gold is really like before you decide to try it yourself. Just like all the other Spintech rubber sheets, Dynasty Gold delivers high quality performance built for the serious table tennis player.

Spin 9.6 (9.8 when glued)*

Speed 9.1 (9.99 when glued) I say 9.99 just to leave some room for future rubbers.

Control 9.4 (8.6 when glued)

*Currently the spiniest of all air sponge rubbers

*These number ratings are based and compared to other rubbers in its class (air sponge rubber, ex: Innova, BlackJack, Magna)

SPEED GLUE: Have you ever read the book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde? Whether you have or not, my point is that it is hard to believe that Dynasty Gold is the same rubber when glued up. Unglued, Dynasty Gold has incredible control combined with a slightly springy feel. However glued up, throw all that out the window as Dynasty Gold transforms into the beast it really is. The explosion-like cork is enough to scare cats a mile away and it’s enough to loop through even the toughest blockers. Dynasty Gold’s glue/unglued effect makes it suitable for the widest variety of players.

SERVING: Words can’t explain how well Dynasty Gold serves. Dynasty Gold’s tacky topsheet and soft sponge make it the perfect combination for serving. Glued or not, there is enough dwell time to control the ball with ease. Compared to other Japanese topsheets, Dynasty Gold is definitely at the top in terms of tackiness and spin. Due to the dwell and tacky topsheet, players will surely see an increase in spin.

LOOPING: Still waiting for a soft sponge that can hold its own on loop kills? Well, this is what Dynasty Gold was designed for. Even though Dynasty Gold is a soft sponge rubber, it loops more likes a medium sponge because it isn’t mushy like other soft sponges. Dynasty Gold has a fairly low throw considering it is soft sponge rubber, however, players may continue to keep their forward motion since the speed will compensate for the low throw. The mid-long distance looping is unmatched compared to anything else on the market. Lifting underspin is considerably easier due to the tacky topsheet. So what does the air sponge do? First, it doesn’t make the rubber feel overly soft, and second it has a very soft feel when hitting the “Winner.” Dynasty Gold is highly recommended for the offensive player who is willing to take the first loop and who is ready to finish the point at the first opportunity.

BLOCKING: Blocking really depends on two things. What thickness? Glued or not? From 1.8 to MAX, there is such a difference that even a “ping pong player” would notice. 1.8 & 2.1 thickness block solid and would work perfect on backhand. While MAX is much more suited for an offensive/counter game. I would much rather recommend MAX for the forehand and go with something thinner on backhand. Don’t get me wrong, when unglued Dynasty Gold still has good blocking control but take note you will sacrifice some when choosing a thicker sponge. Dynasty Gold glued up is a different issue. When glued, blocking becomes more difficult due to the increased spring, I am mainly talking about the MAX thickness here, 1.8 & 2.1 still retains their blocking control. In order to compensate for this, I would recommend either trying to block off the bounce or wait until the ball drops.

HITTING: This is where the air sponge comes in handy. Even though Dynasty Gold is fairly soft, it hits more like a hard rubber. We were always able to maintain ball control since the ball never felt like it was reaching the wood, not even on the hardest smashes. In addition, we noticed that Dynasty Gold isn’t really affected by incoming spins, so it makes it easier to hit through underspin and sidespins. The air sponge responds with a clean, no vibration feeling, signaling to the player immediately whether the shot is on or not. There is a fine line between stalling and dwell. Dynasty Gold balanced those two in a careful manner where the rubber doesn’t stall on shots but at the same time, there is still enough dwell to control your shots. Dynasty Gold rises above its class in hitting, only premium soft sponge rubbers exhibit hitting characteristics like Dynasty Gold.

PUSHING: When pushing, Dynasty Gold has a similar feel to that of all the other air sponges. Even though Dynasty Gold is very elastic, this wasn’t a problem while pushing, even when glued. Feeling for the ball really depended on what thickness rubber was being used. 1.8 has great feel but it decreases from there. I would recommend a 1.8 or a 2.1 on the backhand since players tend to push more with backhand while is 2.1 or MAX would work better on the forehand. As always, the blade makes a big difference while pushing. Even with different blades, the feel stays the same however the dwell time changes. Spin was affected very little by varying dwell times, as Dynasty Gold is able to produce spiny pushes like that of a Chinese rubber.

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS: Dynasty Gold is a successful cross breed between BlackJack Ace and Dynasty. So how does Gold stack up to BlackJack Ace? Well Gold is faster and spinner due to the high tension topsheet. Even though Dynasty Gold is a soft sponge rubber, it plays well with all types of blades, even the softest ones. The unique rubber surface doesn’t really react to incoming spins however it will produce plenty of its own. Dynasty Gold has a low throw compared to other soft sponges but this helps compensate for its speed to keep your shots on the table. I would recommend Dynasty Gold for loopers of all sorts, and for offensive players who like to smash equally as much as they do loop. Dynasty Gold smashes like a hard sponge but loops like a soft sponge. Clearly, Dynasty Gold is more of an offensive rubber so try not to become too passive while playing. If you are ready to increase the velocity and spin, try Dynasty Gold.