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How To Glue Like A Pro

Play like a Pro, Tune like a Pro.


With the recent changes in glue specifications by the ITTF whereas the us of solvent based Speed glues have been banned for all competition play as of September 1st, 2008.

Spintech has taken up the challenge to research and develop a water based VOC-Free table tennis rubber glue. For players who wish to retain the speed glue effect, Spintech has introduced the Hitune (A VOC-Free) rubber sponge expander.  

Spintech offers two new glue products: Aquabond (A water based VOC-Free) table tennis rubber glue and Spintech Hitune (A VOC-Free) Sponge Expander.

Spintech's Aquabond is a state-of-the-art VOC-Free water based table tennis rubber glue. No other product on the market offers the same blend of great speed and spin, with control. 

You simply have to try  it to believe it. 

New Rubber Preparation, “Pre-Tuning” the Rubber

The best way to deal with new rubber is to “tune” it the night before you wish to use it.  This is simply accomplished by adding two or three thin layers of our Spintech Hitune sponge expander to the rubber, allowing each layer to get absorbed into the sponge  before applying the next coat.

Once the rubber sponge has domed to its maximum, it now creates the higher speed, spin and catapult effect and is considered to have been “primed” and is now ready to be glued with the new water based Aquabond table tennis rubber glue.

Tuning Tips

Apply Spintech Hitune to your rubber sponge in a series of light coats. 

To accomplish this, simply pour an amount of Hitune on the sponge about the size of a quarter dollar and spread evenly over the surface area except 1/2 inch of the perimeter.

After each coat is applied watch the rubber to see how much it expands.  It will swell up and lift up at the center. Ideally, you want at least a one-inch or higher rise at the center of the rubber from the surface it is lying upon.  The greater this expansion, the greater the speed glue effect. Once you know how much expansion you prefer, simply add additional coats of Hitune until you reach that level. 

All Spintech Rubbers our especially formulated to work with our line of Aquabond water based VOC-Free Glue and HiTune to produce the maximum levels of speed, spin, touch and control available.