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How To Glue Like A Pro

Play like a Pro, Glue like a Pro.


Over the last twenty years, the use of Speed Glues has become commonplace among tournament players.  They like the added speed and spin the glue produces as well as the control this extra spin allows. 

Speed glue actually consists of two elements, the glue itself and a solvent.  It is the solvent agent that swells the sponge and creates the “glue effect”.  This solvent slowly evaporates and the “glue effect” goes away.

Spintech offers three glue products: Enduro Primo, Enduro Speed Glue, and Enduro Booster.

Enduro Primo is a thicker viscosity spin speed glue which is ideal for priming new rubbers.

Enduro is a state-of-the-art speed glue, developed by Spintech.  No other product on the market offers the same blend of great speed and spin, with control.  You simply have to try  it to believe it.  In addition, Enduro speed/spin effect lasts up to fourteen hours with minimal build up on the rubber.

Spintech also offers Enduro Booster.  Booster is the solvent agent without any added glue.  This can be used once a layer of glue has built up on the sponge to produce the “glue effect” without increasing the buildup of glue on the rubber. 

The key to success in using any speed glue product is being able to consistently produce the same playing characteristics each time you glue.  Several things, the amount of glue already on the rubber as well as atmospheric conditions within the hall, can affect the playing characteristics of your rubber. 


New Rubber Preparation, “Priming” the Rubber

New rubber really soaks up glue and often will not perform at maximum levels until several coats have been applied.  In addition, it can be hard to get the rubber to adhere to the blade until there is some glue buildup on the rubber.  The best way to deal with new rubber is to “prime” it the night before you wish to use it.  This is simply accomplished by adding two or three thin layers of our Enduro Primo glue to the rubber, allowing each layer to dry before adding another.

Once the rubber has been “primed”, your rubber will play great from the first gluing on.

Speed Gluing Tips

Apply glue in a series of light coats. 

To accomplish this, simply pour an amount of glue on the sponge about the size of a silver dollar and spread evenly over the surface.

You will also need a light coat of glue on the blade itself. 

Wait until the glue has dried before attaching the rubber to the blade.


Controlling the Speed

After each coat is applied watch the rubber to see how much it expands.  It will swell up and lift up at the center. Ideally, you want at least a half-inch rise at the center of the rubber from the surface it is lying upon.  The greater this expansion, the greater the speed effect.   The more glue already on the rubber the more coats you may have to add to get the effect.  Once you know how much expansion you like, simply add coats of glue until you reach that level. 

Once you have a build up of old glue on the rubber, you may want to use our Booster instead of adding more glue.  Simply follow the steps above and you will achieve the same effect without more glue buildup.


Glue Removal

Apply a light coat of glue or booster to soften the buildup of glue.

Wait a few minutes before continuing to let the glue sink fully into the rubber.

Using your fingers or a paint scrapper, rub the glue from the center of the rubber towards the edges.

Avoid skin contact with the glue.  If you use your hands to rub off the glue, plastic gloves should be worn. 

Always work with glues in a well-ventilated area.

All Spintech Rubbers our especially formulated to work with our line of Enduro Glues and Booster to produce the maximum levels of speed, spin, and control available.