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Spintech's Eidilon Carbon Blade Review

Spintech Eidilon Blade - The Magic Wand

Many modern blades either give you too much of one thing or not enough of something else. Does your blade feel a bit dead, with not enough finishing power? Or perhaps you have a powerful blade, but you have trouble controlling it? You can loop but not block, or vice versa? Well, the Eidolon could be the perfect answer for you -- and the perfect answer for many players out there. This is a very special blade, one which does not fit into the usual categories. On the one hand it has great control. When blocking you can absorb the power from your opponent's heavy loops and return balls which might be hard to control with other blades. On the other hand, when you need power, it is there! Just crank it up and hit or loop with more force, and instantly the carbon layers kick into action and the ball explodes off the racket.

These two seemingly opposing extremes are the hallmarks of this special blade. Amazingly, you can have both power and control in the same package! Some of the secret lies in the blade's construction. It has thin outer plies, two thin carbon layers, and a relatively thin inner core. The head size is fairly compact, similar to some other excellent and affordable Spintech blades, such as the Absolute Power and the Carbo Phenom, all of which have very comfortable speed foam filled handles.

Some carbon blades have a lot of power, but have no touch. The Eidilon is very light, and has tremendous sensitivity and "feel," and is very maneuverable. It has power any time you need it, but also provides the all around player with a full range of shots, from powerful loops, hits and stinging block, to feathery drop shots, low pushes and shock absorbing blocks. Unlike some heavy carbon blades, this one is light and very maneuverable. This blade performs well with the modern inverted offensive rubber, but is also excellent for the combination rubber player, who wants to use thick sponge inverted rubber on one side, to make spinny powerful attacks, and thin sponge pips rubber on the other side for dead block, or long distance chop defense. These are all enhanced by the special characteristics of the magical Eidilon.