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Spintech's Carrera Carbon Blade Review

Spintech Carrera Blade Review

The Spintech Carrera is the latest jewel in its Carbon Blades family. With a (3Wood/2Carbon) ply offensive plus speed rating and Hinoki outer plies, this blade offers “harness-able” power, surprising feel, magical touch and – most important – the unmatched directional ball control at various speeds. The high tech Foam Speed Core handle provides for a "shock absorbing vibration free" feel.

BLOCKING AND COUNTER DRIVES - Just as advertised, blocks with the Spintech Carrera blade are sent over the net with surreal quickness, precise placement catching your opponent off-guard. Fast counters seem almost effortless with uncanny directional ball control. And flat hits - forget about it – they are history!

LOOPING - At mid distance the Carrera blade offers deceiving power and speed you can control. Your effortless loops whether fast and low or high and slow are loaded with enormous spins. This is a blade that does most of the work for you and allows the technical player to make use of their hand skills.

THE SHORT GAME SURPRISE - Surprisingly, the Carrera blade has gears that enable you to use aggressive short strokes that are generally a trademark of slower speed rated wood blades.

STEP UP AND STEP BACK - The Spintech Carrera can be used by any intermediate or advanced player looking to “step up” the pace of his/her game and ready to “step back” to the mid-distance power looping that dominates advanced levels of table tennis today!

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS - The Spintech Carrera is yet another amazing piece of super professional grade table tennis equipment blade addition to the Spintech blades family. Truly this blade is quite intimidating with its uncanny power along with unsurpassed magical touch. What differentiates the Spintech Carrera blade from other offensive carbon blades is its predictability, as well as “friendly” feeling at all distances and speeds. When combined with a pair of your favorite Spintech professional rubbers, it becomes an offensive person's dream winning weapon of choice. In my opinion, it is well worth the money.

Spintech continues to raise the bar of unsurpassed quality and performance of its table tennis equipment.

What is next, Spintech!