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Spinsonic SV Available 1/15/07!
Jade SV Available 1/15/07
Spintech Marimba Available 1/15/07
Spintech Carbo Shot Available 1/15/07
Spintech MAXX Shoe Available Spring 2007

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9th Wonder


Spintech's 9th Wonder (7W+2C) ply carbon blade, opens a whole new world of attacking play. A perfect match for Spin Power and Spin Power S.V. rubber, 9-ply construction uses a three ply soft wood center with a carbon layer and two ply wood veneer on either side. Koto wood surface plies encourage crisp, fast blocks and hard hitting. This Speed core handled 9th Wonder delivers a
sharper ball contact and faster rebound than its softer feeling cousin "Carbo Touch".
The 9th Wonder is definitely a power player's dream weapon offering stinging blocks and powerful loops at all distances. Recommended for mid distance play. Truly the 9th Wonder of the Table Tennis World and certainly notfor the faint hearted.

Available with FL & ST handle.

You have tried the rest. Now experience the best.
Wt: 87 grams, Feel: Med/Hard, Head Size: Compact, Speed: OFF+

Price $ 169.00