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Spintech Glue and Cleaners


Spintech Aquabond (VOC FREE Water based glue)


New thin viscosity long lasting water based speed glue that meets the new ITTF guide lines for VOC FREE glues.

4 fl oz Price: $19.95

8 fl oz Price: $29.95





Spintech Hi-Tune (A VOC FREE) Rubber Sponge Expander - (NEW)

Spintech Hi-Tune, a VOC-FREE table tennis rubber Sponge Expander is the latest addition to the professional family of Spintech Equipment. This thin viscosity sponge expander is ideal for achieving the spin/speed glue effect for over 4 weeks plus at a time without the repeated use of speed glue. 


Spintech Enduro Speed Glue

Thin speed glue for the optimum speed and unbelievable touch for offensive players.
Speed effect lasts up to 14 hours.
250 ml Price: $15.00

500 ml Price: $25.00

1 Liter Refill Price: $40.00



Spintech Booster

Thin speed booster to extend the spin speed effect of your speed glue. Can be mixed with any speed glue.



250 ml Price: $12.00



1 Liter Price: $35.00





Spintech Enduro Primo

Thicker viscosity spin speed glue for the highest spin/speed consistency.

250 ml Price: $14.00

500 ml Price: $25.00

1 Liter Price: $40.00



Spintech Spin Clean

Removes finger oils, dirt, dust, and any other foreign material to return the natural tacky state of your rubber. This will improve the longevity of your rubber and keep it in top performance.



Price: $12.00


Price w/Leather Sponge: $15.00